About CB Radio

This site is dedicated to all CB Radio Operators globally

 who have ever used 27.000 MegaHertz or the CB Radio ELEVEN Metre Band!

Also known as 27 Mhz Citizens Band CB radio comprising at various times of 23 Channels – 40 Channels &

 Australian 18 Channels on AM Amplitude Modulation & SSB Single Side Band, – both USB Upper Side Band & LSB Lower Side Band.

FREEBAND which could be from New Zealand channels starting around 26.500 through to 27.995 the Australian Marine Band and the start of the Ham 10 Metre allocation.

The CQDX11.com website has THREE FREE LISTINGS – CB Operators, – CB DX Contacts, – CB Resources.

•CB Operators

FREE Listing of your CB Radio Station with comprehensive Information about you: eg Your Facebook Page

•CB DX Contacts

FREE Listing of your CB DX Spot Contacts & SWL’s (Short Wave Listening) No contact Spots

•CB Resources

FREE Listing of CB Radio Resources including Websites / Sales / Repairs / Anything Radio Related including Ham Amateur Radio. 

Please at least type your Callsign into the radio CHATBOX, THANKS !

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