DDS Modifications For Cobra 148 GTL and Similar

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DDS WLG Ver 6.27
Ver 6.27 is now available ( 4x faster than Ver 6.26 )
You can upgrade over version 6.26 without losing a release key.

NOTE: I have the complete KIT for sale:
Licensed Arduino, SI5351, Display and encoder worth R $ 130.00

The new DDS WLG 6.27 system features polyphonic beeps, and auto-scan

This version is not an update from versions prior to version 6.xx. This is a new version that needs a new installation. Do not update over 5.14 as the PTT cutout pin in HF mode has been changed and this can damage your RX HF card. As explained, this is a new version and is not an update from version before 6.xx

Brief description of version 6.27

The new version has been fully customized to adapt to various radio models, including HF radios. This version allows a frequency adjustment for bandwidth mode with limits from 0Hz to 99MHz, it also allows removing the Channel mode and the Radio Receiver mode, remaining exclusively for a VFO mode.

In general this version has:

Channel Mode
Race Band Mode
HF Receiver Mode
20 Polyphonic beeps
RF Spectrum Scan
Menu user
menu settings and menu service with 29 items and a number of adjustments that can be made by the user such as: Change username, choose from 20 beeps or leave raffled mode, On / Off frequency meter on Channel mode, limit TX time, unify tuning, Anatel table, control screen brightness

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