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I easily registered with my Facebook Secure Login by clicking the Facebook Blue button.
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Yes it was quick and easy plus being secure!


When you click on Small Dial Icon at Left Hand Side Top after Facebook login, it DISPLAYS [Dashboard] for you to Admin your area, CLICK [Dashboard]

It shows on Left Hand Side Panel:-

  • Posts :  Shows your Posts & allows adding New Posts – NOT Classifieds! Your posts could contain your Business info.

  • Comments: Shows Comments, and comments you have made.

  • Classified Ads: Says Shows All Classifieds BUT, You can only see yours listed in [Mine (x)] TAB– You cannot ADD Classifieds here!

  • Profile: Shows all your personal Info that you can change at any time.

  • Tools: Shows nothing.


EXIT the Admin Dashboard – DONT Logout!

Visit Home Page or CLICK BELOW while still logged in with Facebook

See your Facebook profile IMAGE on Right Hand Side TOP if still logged in.

If you want to just Register without Facebook please CLICK Below.

*Becoming a member enables you to:

  • Sell anything Radio related with no costs or commissions

  • Be notified when an item you are looking for is listed

  • Add items to your watchlist

  • Bid on items in the Auction area of website.

  • plus a whole lot more…

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